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Kelly Creek

Tailor Made Excursions



We are pleased to offer our Kelly Creek guests 2 tailor made hiking excursions by David, a Dutch impassioned biologist with years of experience in the wilderness of Costa Rica.

If you wish to discover Costa Rica off the beaten track, then David is your man. The Mirador Las Mercedes is situated in Cahuita, 250m above sea level. This beautiful forest is the habitat of many Caribbean Mammals, Birds, Butterflies and Amphibians. The out looking Point “El Mirrador” offers you a panoramic view from Puerto Vargas, Punta Cahuita all the way to Puerto Limon.

All along the 3 km trail, you will discover medicinal plants and their unique healing benefits followed by a refreshing dive at the waterfall. Delicious fresh fruit will be provided.

We leave Kelly Creek after breakfast around 7:00 and we will be back around noon. Price per person: 50$. Children under 12 years of age are invited to join free of charge.

There will be an additional fee of 20$ for a cab to take you back to Kelly Creek in case you do not have your own vehicle.

Clothes to wear: Hiking boots. Long trousers and shirts. Water to drink.




Bananito is a very small town, over half an hour (by car) from Cahuita. The town is the heart of one of Costa Rica’s largest banana plantations (about 2000 acres). Following the river Bananito upstream, you will notice Nature taking the upper hand.

You will reach “Banaga”, a tiny village and once you cross the river you will find yourself on a 250 acre jungle and organic farm! You are welcomed with our hand crafted ranch with a leaf roof. We have a unique collection of discovered sculpture from the region.

We offer a wooden stove organic lunch and the cleanest of spring water to be enjoyed by the river. A great part of our area is primarily rainforest and we strive to keep it that way. There is a jungle route that can be hiked which leads to a cave with a waterfall. There are heaps of jungle animals to be found along the way.

We grow bananas, yucca, avocados, cacao and more. You will savor these in our prepared lunch. The tour starts at 9.00 am from Kelly Creek, and you will be back around 14:00.

This excursion includes: jungle and farm tour, lunch, local guide and all the bananas you can eat. What you should bring: good footwear (preferably boots), natural insect repellant, a towel and a bathing suit.

Fee per person with own transport: 50$ (minimum two). Fee per child under the age of 12 years: 10$.